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Fedora 10 /usr/local/lib

Under Fedora 10, when you compile and install some programs and software, usualy the installed libraries goes under /usr/local/lib, the problem is, Fedora doesn’t look to files installed under this folder !!!

How can we fix this ?!

Well, it’s easy, login as root, edit the “/etc/” and add “/usr/local/lib” on the top.

Save the file and run “ldconfig”, that’s all !


Xreal under Fedora 10

From the Xreal site:

XreaL will be a non-commercial multiplayer only first person shooter based on a heavily modified Quake 3 Arena engine (id Tech 3). The aim is to push the rendering technology until it can be compared with current commercial titles and then to produce a playable Total Conversion. Quake 3 Arena’s gameplay will be only slightly modified. The simpleness of the original game will stay but the game media will be replaced completely with high quality assets that match the new engine’s technology.

Take a look at the screenshots here.

Now, let’s install Xreal under Fedora 10 !

First, we need to install some libraries and tools, we will use yum: “yum install subversion scons SDL-devel openal-devel curl-devel gtkglext-devel libxml2-devel zlib-devel”

Now, we move to compilation process, during this tutorial, my working directory is “/home/duke/Public”.

We’ll start by getting Xreal sources, “svn co XreaL”

After all the sources are downloaded, enter “cd XreaL”, we’re working under the XreaL folder.

You can compile the game using the “scons” command, or you can fine tune it a little bit, enter “scons -h” to get the list of possible compilation options.

I’ll use this command to compile: “scons arch=linux-i386 smp=1 mapping=1 tremulous=1”, the last option will compile the Tremulous game using the XreaL engine, but I don’t know what to do with the files, and I didn’t find any useful informations yet, I’ll update this if I have useful news.

If nothing goes wrong with compilation, well, it’s time to test XreaL !

Go to “base/maps” directory and run “./”, than, “cd ../..” and run “./xreal.x86”, when choosing a map, choose “gwdm2”, that’s all !