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The Professional

I know how to work,
I know how to write,
In this life of misery
I’m getting it right,

I’m the professional
the one how get things done,
I’m the professional
It’s easy to be number one,

I’ve learned how to talk,
I’ve learned how to have style,
I’ve learned how to lie,
and i’ve learned how to smile…

but I’m always feeling lonely,
I want to have some love,
and who will come and get me
when I’ll start to fall apart

I’m tired of smiling to people,
I’m tired of being nice,
I’m tired of all those people,
always showing vice,

I want to feel human,
I want to fall in love,
I also have feelings,
I want to get off my gloves,

I’m the professional,
but I’m a human too,
With no mechanical parts,
but who knows it, just few…

I’m a professional
tired of getting things done,
I’m a professional
with a soul left undone.