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Past, Present and Future

Hello everyone,

Well, this is a time to make a short stop, look backward, see what went right and what went wrong, where am I now, and what do I plan for the future.

Sometimes it is useful to look back at the choices made, feelings felt, people met etc. To be honest, I have no remorse concerning my professional life, I wanted to be a doctor, but then I have found IT more interesting, getting a job is easier, and, with fields such as video games, I have the possibility to express my creativity, and this is nice !

If I have something to regret, it is the fact that I have spent a lot of energy and time for the wrong people (yeah, I’m talkin’ about love), I don’t regret what I did, I don’t regret the action it self, I find it stupid, with no remorse. What I regret, or fear to regret, is the impact of such foolish things on my present and my future.

Never mind… we learn from our past and our mistakes, don’t repeat such things in the present, and hope the future will be alright !

Otherwise, for the present moment, everything seems to be cool, Thanks God, I have got my engineer diploma, I will start job August the 1st, my little brother succeeded his exams, I’m OK with my family and friends… and… I think I finally found the one, the real one…

She’s two year younger then me, she is adorable, I mean she is cute, intelligent, smart and, the most important, she knows what she wants.. I really like her, I do… She is lovely, and I really want to be with her :$

The future… what can I say about it… well, I have projects for the future, all I want for my project is to realize them in duo, not single…

That’s the point for now, sometimes later, I will do another check-up !

Updates: 1- Regrets are useless, 2- Yeah, it turned out to be “bla bla bla” bullshit thing…