Manythings… so many !

2010, 2011, Resolutions…

2011 -14mn

So, another year is passing by, it come with lot of changes and events,

The good one: i got my “Computer Sciences Engineering” diploma, I got a job, I met new friends, health is good, family is fine, I’m really grateful for that.

The downside : problems with girlfriends, at least I’m sure I’m not the one to blame,

Resolutions for 2011:

  • Maintain what I already have and make it better
  • Get more involved with video games creation
  • Buy a saxophone, and learn how to play

Not a big list, just things I like to have/achieve… And No, I’m not talking about having a girlfriend or finding the “great love”, because, having good life style will make this a “side effect”, and this is better than searching and looking in vain 😉

Well, 2011 -5mn

Happy New Year !!! And may you live happily forever after !


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