Manythings… so many !

It’s been a while since the last post, well, hope this is going to change as I had quit my daily job and I am starting my own business, which is making video games !

As I said in the latest post, it is not easy to choose the game engine, developing everything from scratch or using an AAA framework.

There is a big difference in pricing models and the needed effort to get the job done, also, in the last two weeks, I have found an other problem: Does the game engine match your needs and your game design ?!

This problem arose while I was looking for procedural content generation, a part can be solved by adding external libraries and code, the second one is specific to what each engine offers :

  1. Adding external code: with closed source free SDK engines, I have no or limited access to internal code, and I can not modify it, so I am limited to how much freedom the engine give me and how can I integrate my external code ?
  2. In game content generation: the idea is easy, getting some data description from an XML file and use it to dynamically generate terrains and race tracks, but if the game engine does not offer such methods, I can’t do nothing about it.

Well, reading documentations is not enough, and to figure out the solution to my problem and choose the right engine, I have to give several solutions a try:

  • UDK : Unreal Development Kit, which is an AAA framework with a lot of documentation, a big community and it targets both Windows, iOS and (soon) Mac.
  • CryEngine 3: A good framework too, newly released (July 2011) and the user base is smaller than UDK, also, the free license targets Windows only.
  • Shiva 3D: Unlike UDK or CryEngine, no big AAA titles where made using Shiva, but it is free for non commercial use, the basic license is cheap (1.9.1 version costs 400$), and targets many platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS etc.
  • Ogre 3D: Not a fully fledged game engine, but a 3D rendering engine, which means a lot of work to things done, but it is open source so if the solutions above did not work, I can figure out something with Ogre !

Well, I will share my thought after testing each one of them !


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