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Good open source game… Facts

I know that many of you, when reading the title, will say that I’m asking a stupid question, or maybe just trolling and try to get attention to my blog. Also, as a FOSS defendant, I should not ask such question, knowing how much open source games are there, also I want to make it clear that I’m not blaming the open source game developers, but let’s face it: In video games, FOSS is not much of a player !

Open Source GamesGood games exists, like Frets On Fire, or Nexuiz, but they are far from being competitors to commercial games. Most of open source games are good to play with friends, to have fun, but there is two things that are missing: Excellent graphics and a Good story !

So, the first point is visual experience, and if you played games like Half Life², Quake 4, Crysis, then you know what I mean ! Each new commercial big game push the limits a little bit further, with new graphics engines and new astonishing effects, with more and more realistic rendering. Also, gamers expect games to take full advantage of their machines. Can open source engines achieve such results… even on Linux, and with OpenGL… ? Sure they can ! And for those how don’t know, PS3 uses OpenGL, and the graphics are just wonderful !

Of course not all Open Source graphical engines are of the same quality, with some promising ones like XreaL, but even this engine is far from what recent engines deliver, like Crytek 2 and others.

Now, I’m sure most of you will say “Hey ! The XYZ engine has all the features you talk about !”, and here comes another problem: Modeling and Mapping ! Even if some engines offers possibilities for excellent graphic rendering, they are under-used, because games rely not only on technical stuff like graphics and physics engines, but also on 3D models and maps. Well, even if the majority of open source games uses good maps and games environment, when it comes to 3D Models, well, many of them are just… ugly ! I don’t need to say a lot about this, just take a look at most of open source games, compare with commercial games and judge by your self !

Now I come to the second point: Good Story ! Many gamers, so do I, acknowledge that only graphics doesn’t make a good game, to have a good gaming experience, we need immersion, a well written scenario, with a plot, characters, places and scenes to remember. This is what makes us remember games we played when we were kids, this is also what makes us play old games again and again and I still play Duke Nukem 3D since 1997 !

Now, if we take a look at open source games… well, 99% of them are e-sport FPS games, with many Unreal-Like games, Quake Arena-Like games. So, where are single player games, single player FPS, single player horror and survival games, single player action/adventure games ?! In my opinion, this is a bigger issue then not having good graphics.

The partial exception to this is open source strategy and RTS games, where single player campaigns are good enough, examples include Bos Wars and The Battle For Wesnoth. Also, there’s the platform game Yo Frankie! by the Blender Institute.

Finally, the last problem faced by open source games is the lack of advertising, we need to be looking for open source games to find them, and this must change, open source games need some advertising and needs to get reviewed on major video games websites.

Well, I repeat that I’m not against Open Source games, also, what I wrote doesn’t mean that open source games are bad or not worth playing, but, this are the facts that holds open source games from being a real competitor to commercial ones, like Linux is in the OS market or Firefox in the web browsers market.

This situation needs some serious work and solutions, and this will be the subject of my next post, until then your comments and suggestions are welcome !


Three Voices… Three Divas

If I ask you: “Do you know Arab female singers ?” I  may have answers like “Yeaah ! I know Haifa Wahbe !” or “mmm I heard some Arab music on TV… it sucks !” or any other similar answer.

This is why I want to introduce you three real singers… singers is very reductive term in fact. I want to introduce you three real artists ! I hope you’ll take a some time to look for their songs on internet :p

The first one is  “The Poet of The Voice”, Fairuz:

“To the Arab world Fairouz came suddenly, as a miracle. At a time when Arabic singing was weighed down with convention and predictability, and spirits were nationally at their lowest, her voice rang, as though from the beyond, the notes of salvation and joy. Arabic music has never been the same since. Nostalgic but vibrant, sad but defiant, folkloric and yet so new, hers has been for nearly 30 years perhaps the only voice that seems so capable of jubilation in an almost cosmic sense. By turns mystic and amorous, elegiac and fiery, her singing has expressed the whole emotional scale of Arab life with haunting intensity. Often singers give listeners pleasure, as they expect. She often gives them, beyond their expectation, ecstasy” Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Her voice is warm, sweet…. just like a dream !

More information about Fairuz on Wikipedia.

The second Star is Dalida, yes, I know she lived most of her life in France, but she’s egyptian :p

From Wikipedia: Dalida releases what is widely regarded as the first French disco single, “J’attendrai“. Around the same time, the popularity of the variety show in France was soaring, and Dalida made many television appearances during this period, not only in France but across Europe. In 1978, she recorded “Salma Ya Salama“, a traditional Egyptian folk song which due to its chart success was translated into Arabic, French, Italian, and German languages.

Also, more information could be found on Wikipedia !

Finally, the last star I want to talk about is Majida El Roumi, an artist and a UN Goodwill Ambassador !

Majida El Roumi is currently working on her international career with entertainment firm, The Agency and Me, based in Europe and the Middle East. The strategy includes international duets, a new English language classical/contemporary album and a world class ‘Broadway’ style production, to be Directed and Produced by an Award winning international team from Los Angeles, New York, London and Sofia. With her last album and new material soon to be released, Majida El Roumi is crossing borders with her fresh contemporary style of music, appealing to a greater international audience.

In more than three decades, Majida El Roumi has become a symbol and an idol for global audiences.On December 9, 2007 Majida El Roumi gave a heartwrenching speech to Lebanese political leaders at a memorial for Gebran Tueni, a Lebanese politician.

Also, look for more info on Wikipedia :p

I hope you’ll spend a little amount of time to listen to this artists, and if you like their songs, it will be better :p

And GOD bless Wikipedia !!!

The Mighty… Duke Nukem !!


Duke Nukem 3D

This is more than a game, it’s a “chef-d’oeuvre” !!! Here’s some quotes:
*Your face. Your ass. What’s the difference?
*What are you waiting for? Christmas?
*Come get Some…
*It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I’m all out of gum
*You’re an inspiration for birth control.
*[after stepping in alien feces] Shit Happens…
*Those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride!
*I’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck!
*Nobody steals our chicks… and lives!
*[after an earthquake shakes the level] I ain’t afraid of no quake!
*What are you? Some bottom-feeding, scum sucking algae eater?
*Lucky son of a bitch!
*[says it everytime Duke kills the boss of the episode] Die, you son of a bitch!
*Damn, you’re ugly.
*[Duke examines the Duke Nukem II arcade machine] Hmm, don’t have time to play with myself.
*[seeing a torn corpse of a Space Marine from Doom] Hmm, that’s one “Doomed” Space Marine.
*This is K-T-I-T. KTIT. Playing the breast… Uh… The best tunes in town!
*Boss 1: Who… the… hell… are you?
[Duke shoots the bosses’ head and kills him]
I’m Duke Nukem. And I’m coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!
*Let god sort ’em out.
*Heh, Heh, Heh, what a mess!
*[singing horribly] “Born To Be Wiiillllddd!”
*Damn. Those Alien maggots booby trapped the sub!
*I should have known those alien maggots booby trapped the sub.
*I’m going in.
*Damn, I’m good.
*I think you need some down time…
*Looks like it’s time for me to go POSTAL!
*Nukem ’till they glow, then shoot ’em in the dark!
*Get the crap outta here!
*[checking out office computer playing duke3d] Get back to work you slacker!
*Damn, that’s the second time those alien bastards shot up my ride!
*And I thought 10 guns was hard to carry!
*…and I thought cigars tasted bad!
*[after pissing]Ahhhh… much better!
*This really pisses me off!
*Fat Commander: Suck it down!
*My name’s Duke Nukem. After some few days of R&R, I’ll be ready for some more action!
*It’s down to you and me, you one-eyed freak!
*Somebody’s gonna freakin pay for screwin up my vacation.
*[whenever an alien is blown to bits] Oooooooooh, that’s gotta hurt!
*[after looking at himself in a mirror] Damn! I’m looking good!
*[after discovering 3 women in a hidden room] Hmmm, my kind of party! I wish I had time!
*[after discovering Luke Skywalker’s corpse hanging upside down] Now this is a force to be reckoned with!
*[after seeing an ID4 spaceship hovering over Duke Burger on a screen] Nobody jacks with our Independence!
* Yipikaye Mother Fucker
* All aboard the Midtown Express…TO HELL!
* Guess again, freakshow. Duke’s coming back to town, and the last thing that’s gonna go through your mind before you die… is my size 13 boot!
* I like a good cigar…and a bad woman…
* I don’t know who you are, where you are from, or what you want… But if you threaten my freedom… I’ll kill you.
* I’m Duke Nukem and I’m coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!
* I’m gonna put the smack dab on your ass!
* I feel like drinkin’ a gallon o’ turpentine, and pissin’ on a brush fire…
* I should have known those alien maggots booby trapped the sub.
* It’s time to abort your whole freaking species!
* It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all outta gum!
* My name is Duke Nukem – and I’m coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!
* My name is Duke Nukem! After a few days of R&R I’ll be ready for more action!
* No one steals our chicks… and lives!
* Sir Duke kicketh much ass.
* So help me Duke!
* Your ass is grass, and I’ve got the weedwacker.

Now, I’m waiting for Duke Nukem Forever (since 1997)…