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DECE – Lipstick on the DRM pig

Looks like another threat to our freedom !

I’m pretty skeptical about the idea of “play anywhere” working with any form of DRM. I’m guessing “play anywhere” actually means “play anywhere … on a selection of specifically branded products,” which isn’t the same thing.

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EA Spore backlash could help end DRM

Hope other actions will follow 😀

The backlash over DRM has finally started to gather serious momentum. Everyday consumers started a campaign to give the highly anticipated game Spore one-star ratings on Amazon. Thousands of Amazon users labeled Spore a poor choice because of the SecuROM DRM system that is forced onto PC users machines that purchase the game.

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Livin’ La Vida Linux

Another day, another proof !

Jeremy Allison: With Linux-powered devices cropping up in everything from phones to TVs, the open source operating system is poised to take over the appliance world. Not convinced? Consider my weekend project – encoding CDs in a patent- and DRM-free format gives me the freedom to do what I want with the music I’ve already bought.

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Grrrrr…. !!!!

Leopard, Apple’s new OS will be released on… October 26 😀

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4 Tera Byte !!!

Quote from BBC:

“A single hard drive with four terabytes of storage (4TB) could be reality by 2011, thanks to a nanotechnology breakthrough by Japanese Firm Hitachi”

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Allowing a wolf into sheep’s clothing…

“In a surprising announcement the Open Source Initiative said it had approved two of Microsoft’s licences as being acceptable for licensing open source software.”

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Eclipse RAP

No, it’s not about RAP Music !!!!

Eclipse RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) is an eclipse plug-in, it’s a framework for building Web Application !!!

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For Custodio and other businesspeople working on browser-based or desktop-based applications, RAP is a jump-start tool for getting the “richer” look of content enhanced by visual context and skirting complexities.“With RAP, you don’t need a deep knowledge of user interface design,” he said. Another plus is that it is “easily scalable. You can add new views, perspectives and plug-ins without effort.”

The word “component” is key to RAP 1.0. Its development environment allows developers to build component-based applications that integrate into existing systems.

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You can also download it or watch it in action to believe !!!