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Taking my life back… 18 months later

Well… It’s been a year and half since I have decided to change the way I live, make the things I want to do for living, have a healthier and funnier life style…

Don’t want to bother you with details, but hings didn’t really went as planned… Making video games is not that funny, it needs funding, working as a freelancer is not easy and it just got harder due to the “Financial Crisis” !

On the other side, having control over my time allowed me to meet new people, to spend more time with the ones I love.


I have also learned a lot about things “not to do” in business.

I can say that this period, even if it did not bring any real success in professional life, and bitter experiments in love life, it got me more… mature, and, thanks to hard times, to know my self better and to know what I really want and what my real goals are.

Making more and more money, struggle in job to get promotions, get hired in a big-well-known company etc. I don’t want you to be a lazy person with no ambition, and I won’t tell you that money does not matters, but all these things are and should be just mean goals, they might only help you achieving bigger and better and… simpler things like… finding happiness, spending time with friends and family, settle down with your soul mate and have a family of your own, contribute anything back to this world, these are some real goals to pursue !

Also, you might be interested in reading this blog entry on, hope it will help you too to set your real goals in life 😉

Hope next time I’ll have more cheerful news and stories to tell, until then…

May The Force Be With You !


2010, 2011, Resolutions…

2011 -14mn

So, another year is passing by, it come with lot of changes and events,

The good one: i got my “Computer Sciences Engineering” diploma, I got a job, I met new friends, health is good, family is fine, I’m really grateful for that.

The downside : problems with girlfriends, at least I’m sure I’m not the one to blame,

Resolutions for 2011:

  • Maintain what I already have and make it better
  • Get more involved with video games creation
  • Buy a saxophone, and learn how to play

Not a big list, just things I like to have/achieve… And No, I’m not talking about having a girlfriend or finding the “great love”, because, having good life style will make this a “side effect”, and this is better than searching and looking in vain 😉

Well, 2011 -5mn

Happy New Year !!! And may you live happily forever after !

Past, Present and Future 2

Well, it’s been a long time, more than six months since my last post…

As you can see, I have updated my last post with some non useful informations, also, I think it may be a good time to have a little check-up…

So, December 22, Christmas is on the corner, another year is preparing to leave and a new one shows the “bout de son nez”, what more could I say…

Well, this is my fifth month on work, the start was a little bit messy (yeah, when you are new on the field, you “may” screw-up things), but now it is ok, of course it’s a big change from university, but I do not have enough time to feel/understand this, things are just cool, good workmates, good work environment… and I have to acknowledge, having salary is good too 😉

Otherwise, the family is doing well, my elder brother is getting married next summer. Friends also are doing well, almost all of them are getting engaged, or even married, the season started the last month and will continue till next summer,

What else can i say… Well, nothing useful, thing got screwed up with the girl I’ve talked about on the last post, don’t really know why things went wrong, maybe it was my fault, maybe hers, maybe both, or i may just choose the simpler answer “we where not meant for each other…” Well, she is a good girl, wish her luck !

Least but not last, I recently saw pictures from an X open source / FOSS event, Damn ! Except few, Hell it was full of nerds ! Same faces, same subjects, same speech, nothing more, nothing less, no charisma, nothing… And they keep asking why FOSS is not strong in Tunisia ! I’m glad I did not turn into nerd too, I managed to keep my “coolness” 😀

What can I say about future… Hope to score better at work, buy a new computer (i do not like computers that much, but mine is almost broken), buy a Saxophone, continue trying concepts with video games, and maybe finish a good one, do some useful things, and also, find a, or THE, good girl… It is not bad idea to have a good girl as a girlfriend, if I have lust and find someone who deserve it of course, no rush.

Last thing to add, well since my latest post, Duke Nukem Forever got back on the track, North Korea almost waged war against South Korea, Wikileaks published US embassies cables, Forest fires spread through Russia etc.

See you soon, and you shall not forget: “Always bet on Duke” !

Past, Present and Future

Hello everyone,

Well, this is a time to make a short stop, look backward, see what went right and what went wrong, where am I now, and what do I plan for the future.

Sometimes it is useful to look back at the choices made, feelings felt, people met etc. To be honest, I have no remorse concerning my professional life, I wanted to be a doctor, but then I have found IT more interesting, getting a job is easier, and, with fields such as video games, I have the possibility to express my creativity, and this is nice !

If I have something to regret, it is the fact that I have spent a lot of energy and time for the wrong people (yeah, I’m talkin’ about love), I don’t regret what I did, I don’t regret the action it self, I find it stupid, with no remorse. What I regret, or fear to regret, is the impact of such foolish things on my present and my future.

Never mind… we learn from our past and our mistakes, don’t repeat such things in the present, and hope the future will be alright !

Otherwise, for the present moment, everything seems to be cool, Thanks God, I have got my engineer diploma, I will start job August the 1st, my little brother succeeded his exams, I’m OK with my family and friends… and… I think I finally found the one, the real one…

She’s two year younger then me, she is adorable, I mean she is cute, intelligent, smart and, the most important, she knows what she wants.. I really like her, I do… She is lovely, and I really want to be with her :$

The future… what can I say about it… well, I have projects for the future, all I want for my project is to realize them in duo, not single…

That’s the point for now, sometimes later, I will do another check-up !

Updates: 1- Regrets are useless, 2- Yeah, it turned out to be “bla bla bla” bullshit thing…

5 Good reasons… for being Single

So, it’s the spring time again, and what happens in spring… new relationships, people gets in serious relations, they even “fall in love”…

Other ones, like my self, are alone, with no one to think about and no one who thinks about them. So they feel sad, they become envious to other ones who aren’t lonesome any more, they even think they’re out of luck…

Well, here’s five reasons why you shouldn’t bother anymore :

1- Freedom !

When you’re single, you’re free to do what ever you want. You can eat unhealthy food, ice cream, drink soda a lot… There’s no partner who will complain about your eating manners, about your weight gain (or loss)…

Also, when you walk on the street and you see some girl/boy you like, you can stare at her/him and no one will complain, or get jealous… You can flirt with anybody without being afraid of a partner catching you up !

2- Money !

Ask anyone who’s have a girl/boyfriend, engaged or married ones too, they will all complain about money, the lack of money indeed.

You keep all your money for your self, you don’t need to buy gifts, go to fancy restaurant once a month (at least !). If you think about getting married, you must save money for your wedding, for home loans etc, you can’t think about buying a BMW !

Also, no one will complain about you buying some thingy just for fun. Your money is yours, you can spend it on what ever you want, burn it, or, more interesting, you can save it for future use, the thing many “others” just dream about !

3- Peacefulness !

First part : “Where have been ?!”, “Who’s that girl you’re talkin’ to ?”, “I think you have many girls/boys friends !!”, “Why didn’t you call ?”, “I think you don’t love me anymore…”, and the list is very long…

The second part… I think you can figure this out.

We, singles, we don’t have such bothering, at night, we can sleep peacefully !

4- Health !

Life is a little bit hard, you have to think about work, money, family… If you add thinking about the “lack” of money, the lost freedom, the hassles etc, you will have a lot, really a lot of stress, not very healthy indeed.

Also, when you don’t need to spend time with a partner (or partner AND kids), you can do sports !

5- Future !

This is one of the most important points, when you’re single, you can think of building your future the way you like.

You think about immigrating to some foreign country, no partner will stop you.

You think about starting your own business… go on ! You don’t have to think about the kids future, or saving money for marriage and live with a partner,

And the list is still long…

Final note : I’m not against sharing your life with another person, loving each other etc, I will even write an article about good things for being engaged, but, if you’re still sailing alone, don’t blame your destiny, don’t get upset, it’s not your main goal to achieve… You still have your whole life to live, so live it at good !

The Professional

I know how to work,
I know how to write,
In this life of misery
I’m getting it right,

I’m the professional
the one how get things done,
I’m the professional
It’s easy to be number one,

I’ve learned how to talk,
I’ve learned how to have style,
I’ve learned how to lie,
and i’ve learned how to smile…

but I’m always feeling lonely,
I want to have some love,
and who will come and get me
when I’ll start to fall apart

I’m tired of smiling to people,
I’m tired of being nice,
I’m tired of all those people,
always showing vice,

I want to feel human,
I want to fall in love,
I also have feelings,
I want to get off my gloves,

I’m the professional,
but I’m a human too,
With no mechanical parts,
but who knows it, just few…

I’m a professional
tired of getting things done,
I’m a professional
with a soul left undone.

South Trip…

Recently, I’ve been on a 4 days trip to the south of Tunisia, from March 16 to March 19… Four memorable days !

Sunset with Dust

Sunset with Dust

The first day, it was almost driving day, 12 hours from Tunis to Douz, but with two stops, one in Karouan and the second in Gafsa, for lunch

We arrived at 7h30 pm to the Douz based hotel, “Touareg”, a 3* hotel with big outdoor pool, disco, bar with very affordable prices, restaurant… but I have to say, the dinner needs a bit of salt and spice !

The rooms are quite spacy, with one double bed and one single, with a green theme !

The second day, we went to Matmata and we visited “Hotel Sidi Driss”, used as “Luke Skywalker” home during the movie, also, we visited the oldest home in town, with 320 years on the counter, “Dar Douja”.

In the evening, we were supposed to take Camels for a ride in the desert, with a sunset on the Sahara waiting… but it was cloudy, and then rainy… you can imagine what happened after that ! We came back to the hotel all wet, time to take a good hot shower, but before that, let’s jump into the cold outdoor pool !

We have booked the little disco for the night, so after the dinner, direction disco. Personally, I preferred passing the night with friends, playing card and watching movies.

The next day, we woke up at 5 am ! We must hurry if we want to get on time to the 4×4 ride, and this time, the weather was good !

First, we visited the “Chbika” and “Tamaghza” oasis, then the big canyon… Beautiful sight !

Second, we made it to the “Lezard Rouge” train, we were 5mn late, but due to verification routines, the train was there ! Time to visit “Metlaoui” !

The final day, we started by “Tozeur”, with camel meat for lunch, then we visited “Dar Chrayet”.

I know words are sometime worthless, so here’s links to some photos I’ve uploaded on Facebook:

Day #1, Day #2, Day #3 part I, Day #3 part II, Day #4 part I and Day #4 part II.

Hope you’ll like the pictures !