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Log, Wed. 08/06/2016

Nothing unusual today…
Finally the mysterious fog starts to dissipate, on the news they say it’s nothing to worry about, just an ordinary desert dust.
It looks a little brighter than ordinary dust, and a lot thicker, besides, I thought desert storms only happens in July, and it lasts only for a couple of days, not two weeks..
Well, maybe another climate change related thing, who cares.. I’d better get ready for my job interview, tomorrow will be a busy day.
Log End.


Status update…

Well, another year full of studies has passed, with it’s pleasures and pains, and the good news (at least for me) is that I made it !
Next year will be the last one, unless I decide to continue further into research, anyway, the next year, I’ll finally be an engineer !
Otherwise, on June and July I’m having a training, so no sea for the moment, at least I hope learning something new !


Well, i haven’t wrote a single line for a while… Studies are taking almost all my time, especially projects !
CLFS for ARM, simple RISC Processor, some “Statistical methods” related project and a bunch of other stuff… and all I have is two weeks !
Well, look at the bright side… only two weeks left, and the studies are over !

By the way, when I get those projects finished, I’ll publish my works, hoping somebody will find them useful !

Getting in touch with people

As a member of Freeways, the FOSS club of ISI (my institute), I think it’s a good idea that the club (or any similar little association) encourage its members to become active on a global scale.
It’s a good idea to have your own host, with your website and tools on it, but, I think it will be better to get in touch with people by using existing frameworks like, Launchpad or others, thus, you will encourage your members to get in touch with the community, also, it will be a lot easier to get known by the entire community…
Well, Freeways website and projects are now hosted on, i hope this will give us a newer opportunity to rise and shine !