Manythings… so many !

Hello everyone,

Well, this is a time to make a short stop, look backward, see what went right and what went wrong, where am I now, and what do I plan for the future.

Sometimes it is useful to look back at the choices made, feelings felt, people met etc. To be honest, I have no remorse concerning my professional life, I wanted to be a doctor, but then I have found IT more interesting, getting a job is easier, and, with fields such as video games, I have the possibility to express my creativity, and this is nice !

If I have something to regret, it is the fact that I have spent a lot of energy and time for the wrong people (yeah, I’m talkin’ about love), I don’t regret what I did, I don’t regret the action it self, I find it stupid, with no remorse. What I regret, or fear to regret, is the impact of such foolish things on my present and my future.

Never mind… we learn from our past and our mistakes, don’t repeat such things in the present, and hope the future will be alright !

Otherwise, for the present moment, everything seems to be cool, Thanks God, I have got my engineer diploma, I will start job August the 1st, my little brother succeeded his exams, I’m OK with my family and friends… and… I think I finally found the one, the real one…

She’s two year younger then me, she is adorable, I mean she is cute, intelligent, smart and, the most important, she knows what she wants.. I really like her, I do… She is lovely, and I really want to be with her :$

The future… what can I say about it… well, I have projects for the future, all I want for my project is to realize them in duo, not single…

That’s the point for now, sometimes later, I will do another check-up !

Updates: 1- Regrets are useless, 2- Yeah, it turned out to be “bla bla bla” bullshit thing…


So, it’s the spring time again, and what happens in spring… new relationships, people gets in serious relations, they even “fall in love”…

Other ones, like my self, are alone, with no one to think about and no one who thinks about them. So they feel sad, they become envious to other ones who aren’t lonesome any more, they even think they’re out of luck…

Well, here’s five reasons why you shouldn’t bother anymore :

1- Freedom !

When you’re single, you’re free to do what ever you want. You can eat unhealthy food, ice cream, drink soda a lot… There’s no partner who will complain about your eating manners, about your weight gain (or loss)…

Also, when you walk on the street and you see some girl/boy you like, you can stare at her/him and no one will complain, or get jealous… You can flirt with anybody without being afraid of a partner catching you up !

2- Money !

Ask anyone who’s have a girl/boyfriend, engaged or married ones too, they will all complain about money, the lack of money indeed.

You keep all your money for your self, you don’t need to buy gifts, go to fancy restaurant once a month (at least !). If you think about getting married, you must save money for your wedding, for home loans etc, you can’t think about buying a BMW !

Also, no one will complain about you buying some thingy just for fun. Your money is yours, you can spend it on what ever you want, burn it, or, more interesting, you can save it for future use, the thing many “others” just dream about !

3- Peacefulness !

First part : “Where have been ?!”, “Who’s that girl you’re talkin’ to ?”, “I think you have many girls/boys friends !!”, “Why didn’t you call ?”, “I think you don’t love me anymore…”, and the list is very long…

The second part… I think you can figure this out.

We, singles, we don’t have such bothering, at night, we can sleep peacefully !

4- Health !

Life is a little bit hard, you have to think about work, money, family… If you add thinking about the “lack” of money, the lost freedom, the hassles etc, you will have a lot, really a lot of stress, not very healthy indeed.

Also, when you don’t need to spend time with a partner (or partner AND kids), you can do sports !

5- Future !

This is one of the most important points, when you’re single, you can think of building your future the way you like.

You think about immigrating to some foreign country, no partner will stop you.

You think about starting your own business… go on ! You don’t have to think about the kids future, or saving money for marriage and live with a partner,

And the list is still long…

Final note : I’m not against sharing your life with another person, loving each other etc, I will even write an article about good things for being engaged, but, if you’re still sailing alone, don’t blame your destiny, don’t get upset, it’s not your main goal to achieve… You still have your whole life to live, so live it at good !

Samsung and Open Source


Announced via a small news post just minutes ago on the Enlightenment web-site that the project is working with “working with a top-5 electronics producer (one of the largest in the world, who produces millions of mobile phones, televisions, sound systems and more per year) to bring Enlightenment and especially it’s deep technology to their products.” In fact, this unnamed company is actively sponsoring the development of Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL).


While their news post barely sheds any details, we have found out that this major manufacturer that is backing the Enlightenment project is Samsung Electronics. Some public confirmation of this can be found via this Trac change-log commit that introduces Editje, which is an edje file editor.

For those who don’t know what Enlightenment is, or E, well, it’s an open source desktop environment, like Gnome or KDE. The E file manager can be used in conjunction with Gnome or KDE, or it can be used as a whole desktop environment.

Read the whole article on

According to a memo sent to Vulcan employees on Monday, Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Fellow Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he and his wife, Melinda, were keeping Allen in their thoughts.

“Melinda and I have Paul and his family in our thoughts and prayers,” Gates said in a statement. “Paul is among my closest friends, and I know to him be a strong and resilient individual.”

You can read the rest of the post on

This is the last release of a major Linux distro for this year, Fedora 12, codenamed Constantine, has been released today.
In the menu we have improved performances, smaller (so faster) updates, the open Broadcom firmware (so some of the Broadcom wifi cards may work out of the box) and many other new features.
You can read the release announcement on the Fedora wiki, then don’t forget to grab your copy at !

The Professional

I know how to work,
I know how to write,
In this life of misery
I’m getting it right,

I’m the professional
the one how get things done,
I’m the professional
It’s easy to be number one,

I’ve learned how to talk,
I’ve learned how to have style,
I’ve learned how to lie,
and i’ve learned how to smile…

but I’m always feeling lonely,
I want to have some love,
and who will come and get me
when I’ll start to fall apart

I’m tired of smiling to people,
I’m tired of being nice,
I’m tired of all those people,
always showing vice,

I want to feel human,
I want to fall in love,
I also have feelings,
I want to get off my gloves,

I’m the professional,
but I’m a human too,
With no mechanical parts,
but who knows it, just few…

I’m a professional
tired of getting things done,
I’m a professional
with a soul left undone.

Good open source game… Facts

I know that many of you, when reading the title, will say that I’m asking a stupid question, or maybe just trolling and try to get attention to my blog. Also, as a FOSS defendant, I should not ask such question, knowing how much open source games are there, also I want to make it clear that I’m not blaming the open source game developers, but let’s face it: In video games, FOSS is not much of a player !

Open Source GamesGood games exists, like Frets On Fire, or Nexuiz, but they are far from being competitors to commercial games. Most of open source games are good to play with friends, to have fun, but there is two things that are missing: Excellent graphics and a Good story !

So, the first point is visual experience, and if you played games like Half LifeĀ², Quake 4, Crysis, then you know what I mean ! Each new commercial big game push the limits a little bit further, with new graphics engines and new astonishing effects, with more and more realistic rendering. Also, gamers expect games to take full advantage of their machines. Can open source engines achieve such results… even on Linux, and with OpenGL… ? Sure they can ! And for those how don’t know, PS3 uses OpenGL, and the graphics are just wonderful !

Of course not all Open Source graphical engines are of the same quality, with some promising ones like XreaL, but even this engine is far from what recent engines deliver, like Crytek 2 and others.

Now, I’m sure most of you will say “Hey ! The XYZ engine has all the features you talk about !”, and here comes another problem: Modeling and Mapping ! Even if some engines offers possibilities for excellent graphic rendering, they are under-used, because games rely not only on technical stuff like graphics and physics engines, but also on 3D models and maps. Well, even if the majority of open source games uses good maps and games environment, when it comes to 3D Models, well, many of them are just… ugly ! I don’t need to say a lot about this, just take a look at most of open source games, compare with commercial games and judge by your self !

Now I come to the second point: Good Story ! Many gamers, so do I, acknowledge that only graphics doesn’t make a good game, to have a good gaming experience, we need immersion, a well written scenario, with a plot, characters, places and scenes to remember. This is what makes us remember games we played when we were kids, this is also what makes us play old games again and again and I still play Duke Nukem 3D since 1997 !

Now, if we take a look at open source games… well, 99% of them are e-sport FPS games, with many Unreal-Like games, Quake Arena-Like games. So, where are single player games, single player FPS, single player horror and survival games, single player action/adventure games ?! In my opinion, this is a bigger issue then not having good graphics.

The partial exception to this is open source strategy and RTS games, where single player campaigns are good enough, examples include Bos Wars and The Battle For Wesnoth. Also, there’s the platform game Yo Frankie! by the Blender Institute.

Finally, the last problem faced by open source games is the lack of advertising, we need to be looking for open source games to find them, and this must change, open source games need some advertising and needs to get reviewed on major video games websites.

Well, I repeat that I’m not against Open Source games, also, what I wrote doesn’t mean that open source games are bad or not worth playing, but, this are the facts that holds open source games from being a real competitor to commercial ones, like Linux is in the OS market or Firefox in the web browsers market.

This situation needs some serious work and solutions, and this will be the subject of my next post, until then your comments and suggestions are welcome !