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Three Voices… Three Divas

If I ask you: “Do you know Arab female singers ?” I  may have answers like “Yeaah ! I know Haifa Wahbe !” or “mmm I heard some Arab music on TV… it sucks !” or any other similar answer.

This is why I want to introduce you three real singers… singers is very reductive term in fact. I want to introduce you three real artists ! I hope you’ll take a some time to look for their songs on internet :p

The first one is  “The Poet of The Voice”, Fairuz:

“To the Arab world Fairouz came suddenly, as a miracle. At a time when Arabic singing was weighed down with convention and predictability, and spirits were nationally at their lowest, her voice rang, as though from the beyond, the notes of salvation and joy. Arabic music has never been the same since. Nostalgic but vibrant, sad but defiant, folkloric and yet so new, hers has been for nearly 30 years perhaps the only voice that seems so capable of jubilation in an almost cosmic sense. By turns mystic and amorous, elegiac and fiery, her singing has expressed the whole emotional scale of Arab life with haunting intensity. Often singers give listeners pleasure, as they expect. She often gives them, beyond their expectation, ecstasy” Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Her voice is warm, sweet…. just like a dream !

More information about Fairuz on Wikipedia.

The second Star is Dalida, yes, I know she lived most of her life in France, but she’s egyptian :p

From Wikipedia: Dalida releases what is widely regarded as the first French disco single, “J’attendrai“. Around the same time, the popularity of the variety show in France was soaring, and Dalida made many television appearances during this period, not only in France but across Europe. In 1978, she recorded “Salma Ya Salama“, a traditional Egyptian folk song which due to its chart success was translated into Arabic, French, Italian, and German languages.

Also, more information could be found on Wikipedia !

Finally, the last star I want to talk about is Majida El Roumi, an artist and a UN Goodwill Ambassador !

Majida El Roumi is currently working on her international career with entertainment firm, The Agency and Me, based in Europe and the Middle East. The strategy includes international duets, a new English language classical/contemporary album and a world class ‘Broadway’ style production, to be Directed and Produced by an Award winning international team from Los Angeles, New York, London and Sofia. With her last album and new material soon to be released, Majida El Roumi is crossing borders with her fresh contemporary style of music, appealing to a greater international audience.

In more than three decades, Majida El Roumi has become a symbol and an idol for global audiences.On December 9, 2007 Majida El Roumi gave a heartwrenching speech to Lebanese political leaders at a memorial for Gebran Tueni, a Lebanese politician.

Also, look for more info on Wikipedia :p

I hope you’ll spend a little amount of time to listen to this artists, and if you like their songs, it will be better :p

And GOD bless Wikipedia !!!