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5 Good reasons… for being Single

So, it’s the spring time again, and what happens in spring… new relationships, people gets in serious relations, they even “fall in love”…

Other ones, like my self, are alone, with no one to think about and no one who thinks about them. So they feel sad, they become envious to other ones who aren’t lonesome any more, they even think they’re out of luck…

Well, here’s five reasons why you shouldn’t bother anymore :

1- Freedom !

When you’re single, you’re free to do what ever you want. You can eat unhealthy food, ice cream, drink soda a lot… There’s no partner who will complain about your eating manners, about your weight gain (or loss)…

Also, when you walk on the street and you see some girl/boy you like, you can stare at her/him and no one will complain, or get jealous… You can flirt with anybody without being afraid of a partner catching you up !

2- Money !

Ask anyone who’s have a girl/boyfriend, engaged or married ones too, they will all complain about money, the lack of money indeed.

You keep all your money for your self, you don’t need to buy gifts, go to fancy restaurant once a month (at least !). If you think about getting married, you must save money for your wedding, for home loans etc, you can’t think about buying a BMW !

Also, no one will complain about you buying some thingy just for fun. Your money is yours, you can spend it on what ever you want, burn it, or, more interesting, you can save it for future use, the thing many “others” just dream about !

3- Peacefulness !

First part : “Where have been ?!”, “Who’s that girl you’re talkin’ to ?”, “I think you have many girls/boys friends !!”, “Why didn’t you call ?”, “I think you don’t love me anymore…”, and the list is very long…

The second part… I think you can figure this out.

We, singles, we don’t have such bothering, at night, we can sleep peacefully !

4- Health !

Life is a little bit hard, you have to think about work, money, family… If you add thinking about the “lack” of money, the lost freedom, the hassles etc, you will have a lot, really a lot of stress, not very healthy indeed.

Also, when you don’t need to spend time with a partner (or partner AND kids), you can do sports !

5- Future !

This is one of the most important points, when you’re single, you can think of building your future the way you like.

You think about immigrating to some foreign country, no partner will stop you.

You think about starting your own business… go on ! You don’t have to think about the kids future, or saving money for marriage and live with a partner,

And the list is still long…

Final note : I’m not against sharing your life with another person, loving each other etc, I will even write an article about good things for being engaged, but, if you’re still sailing alone, don’t blame your destiny, don’t get upset, it’s not your main goal to achieve… You still have your whole life to live, so live it at good !