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Choosing the Right Game Engine

It’s been a while since the last post, well, hope this is going to change as I had quit my daily job and I am starting my own business, which is making video games !

As I said in the latest post, it is not easy to choose the game engine, developing everything from scratch or using an AAA framework.

There is a big difference in pricing models and the needed effort to get the job done, also, in the last two weeks, I have found an other problem: Does the game engine match your needs and your game design ?! (more…)


Video Games for Indies, part II

So, as promised, I’m going to discuss choices made as a new comer to Indie video games development.

Now let’s talk about video game engine and middle ware, Unity, Shiva 3D and UDK. I am not going to discuss in details the technical aspect of each engine or what each engine can and can not do, you can visit each middle ware site to get such information, but in term of capabilities, Unity and Shiva 3D are both useful when targeting multi-platform and hand-held devices, but UDK is the best choice when you want to develop some PC game with really awesome graphics and physics.

As an indie, one of the most important aspects is costs, and here is what I found: (more…)

Video Games for Indies, part I

Aloha !

It’s been a while since my last post, you can blame it on work ! It became a lot harder for me to find time and will to publish anything.

Whatever, last time I have talked about video game development, I have made a little technical study and I want to share with you my thought. I will not talk about game design/ideas, as this will be done on further posts.

To start making games, you need a game engine, the middleware and libraries needed to develop a game: (more…)