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Another step to the Truth !

Another day, another experience… Daaaaaamn ! Linux is the Best !

From Cristopher Dawson Blog on

My oldest son, creator of flame wars, finally discovered that you can only surf to the nether regions of the Internet so many times before even Vista business succumbs to malware. His computer an unusable mass of pop-ups, spewing traffic over our network actually asked me tonight to reinstall Linux for him


This is, of course one of the more important things to remember about Linux in Ed Tech (aside from the fact that it’s free): kids are mean to computers and do things they probably shouldn’t on the Internet. Linux (and to a lesser extent, OS X) is simply more resistant to abuse and for that reason alone is at least worth our consideration.

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DECE – Lipstick on the DRM pig

Looks like another threat to our freedom !

I’m pretty skeptical about the idea of “play anywhere” working with any form of DRM. I’m guessing “play anywhere” actually means “play anywhere … on a selection of specifically branded products,” which isn’t the same thing.

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EA Spore backlash could help end DRM

Hope other actions will follow 😀

The backlash over DRM has finally started to gather serious momentum. Everyday consumers started a campaign to give the highly anticipated game Spore one-star ratings on Amazon. Thousands of Amazon users labeled Spore a poor choice because of the SecuROM DRM system that is forced onto PC users machines that purchase the game.

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Livin’ La Vida Linux

Another day, another proof !

Jeremy Allison: With Linux-powered devices cropping up in everything from phones to TVs, the open source operating system is poised to take over the appliance world. Not convinced? Consider my weekend project – encoding CDs in a patent- and DRM-free format gives me the freedom to do what I want with the music I’ve already bought.

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