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Cousins !!!!

Vice-president Dick Cheney and Democratic Candidate Barack Obama…. are distant cousins !!!

This was discovered by Cheney’s wife… and, their ancestor is a 17th century French immigrant !!!

Full story here !!!


Grrrrr…. !!!!

Leopard, Apple’s new OS will be released on… October 26 😀

Read it on BBC !!!

4 Tera Byte !!!

Quote from BBC:

“A single hard drive with four terabytes of storage (4TB) could be reality by 2011, thanks to a nanotechnology breakthrough by Japanese Firm Hitachi”

Full story here !!!

Allowing a wolf into sheep’s clothing…

“In a surprising announcement the Open Source Initiative said it had approved two of Microsoft’s licences as being acceptable for licensing open source software.”

Full story here !!!

Eclipse RAP

No, it’s not about RAP Music !!!!

Eclipse RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) is an eclipse plug-in, it’s a framework for building Web Application !!!

Quote from

For Custodio and other businesspeople working on browser-based or desktop-based applications, RAP is a jump-start tool for getting the “richer” look of content enhanced by visual context and skirting complexities.“With RAP, you don’t need a deep knowledge of user interface design,” he said. Another plus is that it is “easily scalable. You can add new views, perspectives and plug-ins without effort.”

The word “component” is key to RAP 1.0. Its development environment allows developers to build component-based applications that integrate into existing systems.

Link to the news: Click Here !!!

You can also download it or watch it in action to believe !!!

I’m Singnin in the rain…

Look at those pictures, taken today (13-oct-2007), we were at “GĂ©ant” doing some shopping, at the same time, it was raining like hell outside… we stayed inside for a moment, then we decided to fight the rain and go back home !!! On our way home, i took some nice pics 😀

Flood 1Flood 2Flood 3

And now, the greatest two shots !!! A flooded Bus !!! Unbelievable !!!

Bus 1Bus 2

Any Comments ?!!!

WaaaaW !!!!

“Choofli Hal” is a popular tunisian sitcom… but I didn’t thought that “La Monde”, a very popular french newspaper would write an article about it !!!,1-0@2-3236,36-962061@51-950787,0.html

I’m proud 😀

I hope TV7 will release it on DVD… with subtitles 😉