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2010, 2011, Resolutions…

2011 -14mn

So, another year is passing by, it come with lot of changes and events,

The good one: i got my “Computer Sciences Engineering” diploma, I got a job, I met new friends, health is good, family is fine, I’m really grateful for that.

The downside : problems with girlfriends, at least I’m sure I’m not the one to blame,

Resolutions for 2011:

  • Maintain what I already have and make it better
  • Get more involved with video games creation
  • Buy a saxophone, and learn how to play

Not a big list, just things I like to have/achieve… And No, I’m not talking about having a girlfriend or finding the “great love”, because, having good life style will make this a “side effect”, and this is better than searching and looking in vain 😉

Well, 2011 -5mn

Happy New Year !!! And may you live happily forever after !


Past, Present and Future 2

Well, it’s been a long time, more than six months since my last post…

As you can see, I have updated my last post with some non useful informations, also, I think it may be a good time to have a little check-up…

So, December 22, Christmas is on the corner, another year is preparing to leave and a new one shows the “bout de son nez”, what more could I say…

Well, this is my fifth month on work, the start was a little bit messy (yeah, when you are new on the field, you “may” screw-up things), but now it is ok, of course it’s a big change from university, but I do not have enough time to feel/understand this, things are just cool, good workmates, good work environment… and I have to acknowledge, having salary is good too 😉

Otherwise, the family is doing well, my elder brother is getting married next summer. Friends also are doing well, almost all of them are getting engaged, or even married, the season started the last month and will continue till next summer,

What else can i say… Well, nothing useful, thing got screwed up with the girl I’ve talked about on the last post, don’t really know why things went wrong, maybe it was my fault, maybe hers, maybe both, or i may just choose the simpler answer “we where not meant for each other…” Well, she is a good girl, wish her luck !

Least but not last, I recently saw pictures from an X open source / FOSS event, Damn ! Except few, Hell it was full of nerds ! Same faces, same subjects, same speech, nothing more, nothing less, no charisma, nothing… And they keep asking why FOSS is not strong in Tunisia ! I’m glad I did not turn into nerd too, I managed to keep my “coolness” 😀

What can I say about future… Hope to score better at work, buy a new computer (i do not like computers that much, but mine is almost broken), buy a Saxophone, continue trying concepts with video games, and maybe finish a good one, do some useful things, and also, find a, or THE, good girl… It is not bad idea to have a good girl as a girlfriend, if I have lust and find someone who deserve it of course, no rush.

Last thing to add, well since my latest post, Duke Nukem Forever got back on the track, North Korea almost waged war against South Korea, Wikileaks published US embassies cables, Forest fires spread through Russia etc.

See you soon, and you shall not forget: “Always bet on Duke” !