Manythings… so many !

Well… It’s been a year and half since I have decided to change the way I live, make the things I want to do for living, have a healthier and funnier life style…

Don’t want to bother you with details, but hings didn’t really went as planned… Making video games is not that funny, it needs funding, working as a freelancer is not easy and it just got harder due to the “Financial Crisis” !

On the other side, having control over my time allowed me to meet new people, to spend more time with the ones I love.


I have also learned a lot about things “not to do” in business.

I can say that this period, even if it did not bring any real success in professional life, and bitter experiments in love life, it got me more… mature, and, thanks to hard times, to know my self better and to know what I really want and what my real goals are.

Making more and more money, struggle in job to get promotions, get hired in a big-well-known company etc. I don’t want you to be a lazy person with no ambition, and I won’t tell you that money does not matters, but all these things are and should be just mean goals, they might only help you achieving bigger and better and… simpler things like… finding happiness, spending time with friends and family, settle down with your soul mate and have a family of your own, contribute anything back to this world, these are some real goals to pursue !

Also, you might be interested in reading this blog entry on, hope it will help you too to set your real goals in life 😉

Hope next time I’ll have more cheerful news and stories to tell, until then…

May The Force Be With You !


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