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South Trip…

Recently, I’ve been on a 4 days trip to the south of Tunisia, from March 16 to March 19… Four memorable days !

Sunset with Dust

Sunset with Dust

The first day, it was almost driving day, 12 hours from Tunis to Douz, but with two stops, one in Karouan and the second in Gafsa, for lunch

We arrived at 7h30 pm to the Douz based hotel, “Touareg”, a 3* hotel with big outdoor pool, disco, bar with very affordable prices, restaurant… but I have to say, the dinner needs a bit of salt and spice !

The rooms are quite spacy, with one double bed and one single, with a green theme !

The second day, we went to Matmata and we visited “Hotel Sidi Driss”, used as “Luke Skywalker” home during the movie, also, we visited the oldest home in town, with 320 years on the counter, “Dar Douja”.

In the evening, we were supposed to take Camels for a ride in the desert, with a sunset on the Sahara waiting… but it was cloudy, and then rainy… you can imagine what happened after that ! We came back to the hotel all wet, time to take a good hot shower, but before that, let’s jump into the cold outdoor pool !

We have booked the little disco for the night, so after the dinner, direction disco. Personally, I preferred passing the night with friends, playing card and watching movies.

The next day, we woke up at 5 am ! We must hurry if we want to get on time to the 4×4 ride, and this time, the weather was good !

First, we visited the “Chbika” and “Tamaghza” oasis, then the big canyon… Beautiful sight !

Second, we made it to the “Lezard Rouge” train, we were 5mn late, but due to verification routines, the train was there ! Time to visit “Metlaoui” !

The final day, we started by “Tozeur”, with camel meat for lunch, then we visited “Dar Chrayet”.

I know words are sometime worthless, so here’s links to some photos I’ve uploaded on Facebook:

Day #1, Day #2, Day #3 part I, Day #3 part II, Day #4 part I and Day #4 part II.

Hope you’ll like the pictures !